Vue Belle swimming pool: optimising energy consumption

8% reduction in energy bill

"In general, this system has allowed us to accurately identify the potential investments to be launcheds, the guidelines to consider and which will enable us to reduce operating costs on this site".

(Willy CRESCENCE, technical manager of the swimming pools of the commune of Saint-Paul)

The rise of digital technology has fostered urban innovation and smart cities are becoming more and more numerous. Local authorities have access to a large number of solutions enabling them to provide more services to citizens and to monitor the consumption of communal buildings (smart buildings). However, swimming pools and aquatic centres are still the forgotten ones in the smart city.

Half of French public swimming pools were built before the 1980s and local authorities are currently facing a need to renovate or rebuild aquatic facilities. Initially designed for learning to swim, aquatic facilities are becoming multi-purpose, combining learning to swim, sports activities, and leisure and well-being. They are therefore becoming larger, more expensive to design and, above all, to operate. At the same time, State subsidies are becoming increasingly low.

Willy CRESCENCE, technical manager of the swimming pools of the city of Saint-Paul explains how the Sunny Shark solution accompanies it on a daily basis in the reduction of operating costs of the Vue Belle aquatic centre in Reunion Island. Despite a long closure of the site for technical reasons, the The benefits of the installed solution were quickly apparent.

Located on the Vue Belle site, the aquatic centre was built in 2006 and stands out for its atypical architecture, built in the former Vue Belle sugar factory, which has been listed in its entirety on the supplementary inventory of historical monuments since 2 May 2002.

Vue-Belle swimming pool

The Vue-Belle aquatic centre consists of

pools: competition, initiation and paddling pool

The water temperature is between :

27 °C
all year round

The total volume in working order is 

0 m3

Like many sites, the Vue Belle public swimming pool faces high operating costs.

The three outdoor pools, of 1500 m3, 300 m3 and 70 m3are heated by a system of electric heat pumps. Energy is the second largest consumption item, accounting for 20% of costs operating costs (e.g.approx 60K€/year).

In 2017 the Vue Belle public pool and Sunny Shark worked together to implement a smart solution allowing for reduce the energy bill.

Annual operating costs
of our site are:
60 k€ for electricity
28 k€ for water
25k for treatments and
various talks
213k for the wage bill".

"...with accurate monitoring of the
covering, optimisation of the
operation of PACs,
we believe we have reduced the
energy bill in the order of
of 8%."

The installation of a box was done without modifying the existing one. It was directly connected to the 3 heat pumps of the site. Temperature sensors were added to the city water inlet, the buffer tank outlet and the heating system outlet.

From sub-metering were also installed. The aim was to reduce electricity consumption without impacting the user comfort. The system therefore takes into account the climatic conditions and the electricity pricing (day rate/night rate), to heat at good timeThis is a good way to make use of the inertia of the pelvis as well.

The installation also allowed for the detection of serious problems of the pool heaters. It also
provided clarification on theoriginthe location and the extent of water leakage. In addition, the system has identified bad habits in daily operations.

"This device in its
current configuration may
enable real gains
on the operating cost."

You too can adopt Smart Pooling and reduce the energy consumption of your collective pool

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