The Green Fund for public swimming pools: accelerating the ecological transition in France

The French government has set up the Green Fund as part of its ecological transition strategy. The aim of the fund is to support the energy renovation of public buildings, particularly tertiary buildings, in order to reduce their energy consumption and help combat climate change. With a total surface area of around 1 billion square metres, public buildings account for a significant proportion of France's energy consumption. The Green Fund offers financing opportunities for energy renovation projects, with a particular focus on schools, which are a priority because of their impact on the environment and the health of occupants. But public swimming pools are not to be outdone either, as they are the largest source of energy consumption in of the main sources of energy consumption for local authorities. As a result, this fund is just as accessible to them.

The objectives and ambitions of the Green Fund

The main objective of the Green Fund is to promote the sustainable reduction in the energy consumption of public buildingswhile maintaining thermal comfort for occupants. Eligible projects must aim for a minimum reduction of 40% in final energy consumption, in line with the objectives of the tertiary decreewith a particular focus on the external protection of the building. In addition, the fund encourages significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissionsThese include the elimination of fossil fuel boilers. Projects aimed at improving summer comfort are also supported, with an emphasis on the adoption of passive solutions to reduce air-conditioning requirements.

Eligible projects include the installation of equipment control and active management systems This is the case for Smart Pooling® by Sunny Shark.


The Green Fund includes support for advice and guidance

In addition to financial support, the Green Fund offers engineering services to facilitate the implementation of energy renovation projects. These services include preliminary studies to assess the ecological impact of the project, as well as advice on property planning and project structuring. The fund encourages coordination with other funding schemes.

Green Fund application and award conditions

Project sponsors must submit their grant applications on a dedicated platform, providing a detailed thermal study justifying the expected energy savings and greenhouse gas reductions. Beneficiaries must provide a minimum contribution of 20% towards the financing of their project. In addition, the Green Fund is designed to be can be combined with other financing schemesThese include energy saving certificates and support from the Fonds Chaleur (Heat Fund), giving project sponsors financial flexibility.

Installing Smart Pooling® helps to meet the conditions required to access the Green Fund (40% of energy savings by 2030).

Download the explanatory booklet

The Ministry of Ecological Transition offers support workbooks to help you benefit from the Green Fund.

Use the Green Fund to make your public swimming pool smarter, more economical and more environmentally friendly


Active Smart Pooling® control
Real-time modification of key plant parameters to meet all constraints at the lowest possible energy cost.

Classic settings
Over-consumption of energy for fear of damaging comfort or the building.

Smart Pooling® is an innovative solution designed to optimising energy consumption in public swimming pools while improving the comfort of bathers and respecting the building.

Thanks to specific sensors, a centralising box, a user interface and a connection with the site's BMS, this solution enables public swimming pools to achieve energy savings of up to 30 %, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and comply with the latest environmental regulations such as the European directive on the protection of the environment. tertiary decree and the BACS decree.

This intelligent system offers real-time dynamic controlThis enables key equipment parameters to be modified automatically to meet constraints, while minimising energy costs. It takes into account a variety of factors such as humidity levels, air temperature and other relevant parameters to ensure that comfort targets are met with minimum energy consumption.

Thanks to its predictive capacity in terms of heat demand, it optimises the use of heating equipment, resulting in significant financial savings.

Smart Pooling® offers a centralized operational monitoring via a single interface, simplifying monitoring and control of the entire system.

This solution combines hardware and software to provide intelligent control of energy consumption in public swimming pools, while improving user comfort without the need for major works.

Use the Green Fund to implement Smart Pooling® and reduce your public swimming pool's energy consumption

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