Political representative Show your commitment to cost control and the environment

As a key decision-maker in the control of public expenditure, you are responsible for both the budget and the satisfaction of your constituents. As a political leader, you must also share with your constituents the actions you take to reduce energy bills and respect the environment. Sunny Shark, the specialist in automatic energy optimisation for public swimming pools, enables you to achieve these goals.

Sunny Shark Smart Pooling® saves up to 30% on your public pool's energy costs

By combining the information provided by the various sensors with dedicated software, Smart Pooling® not only offers remote monitoring of your public pool, but also active and anticipatory control, which adjusts the operation of the site to its actual needs and constraints.

In addition, the analyses carried out within the framework of its operation help to prioritise certain renovation work, by correcting the most impacting defects (glazing, wall blowing, etc.) or by targeting critical technical equipment, without necessarily requiring a costly overall renovation.

Depending on the size of the equipment, annual savings can easily exceed several tens of thousands of euros.

Aquanor Aquatic Centre

Among the first installations carried out by Sunny Shark was the Aquanor aquatic centre in Sainte-Clotilde, which has five pools. The consumption of the 10 filtration pumps represented 50 % of the site's electricity bill. All these pumps were operating at 100 % of their 24-hour flow rate, with a filtration flow rate defined by the water treatment cabinet that was higher than the regulatory minimum flow rate for several of these pools. Only manual adjustment of the pumps' variable speed drives was possible.

Sunny Shark installed circulation pumps for the heating exchangers and automated the control of each equipment. Since then, the flow rates for each pool are set at the regulatory minimum during unoccupied periods, and at a value appropriate to the real constraints of each pool during periods of high occupation. Controlling the installation therefore makes it possible to optimise electrical consumption both financially and environmentally.

With an investment of €20,000, the expected payback period was 9 months, but after studying all the impacts, it was even less.

The obligations of the tertiary decree: an important constraint for a politician

The objectives of the tertiary decree and the respect of environmental issues imply the implementation of efficient solutions to reduce energy consumption.

The decree applies to all tertiary buildings with a surface area of more than 1000 m², including public swimming pools, whether municipal or inter-municipal.

Greenhouse gas emissions: another important issue for a politician

Your teams, like your constituents, are now fully environmentally aware. But in concrete terms, how can we put in place actions whose impact is fast, drastic and visibleHow can you reduce energy consumption while maintaining the level of comfort demanded by users? Thanks to Smart Pooling, which reduces the energy consumption of your public pool, the reduction in greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) is proportional and immediate. As for comfort, it is even improved thanks to the automated management of various parameters, the first of which is the humidity level.

Comfort bollard dashboard

Interactive terminals to assess comfort improvement

Smart Pooling®, our active and anticipatory control, is accompanied by comfort terminals. This practical device makes it possible to adapt the comfort of users (swimmers) within the public pool by collecting their feelings according to the comfort rating.

The pool operator has a dashboard that gives him direct feedback on the satisfaction of his pool users, so that he can regulate comfort quickly and efficiently.

These comfort bollards also show the users of the pool that the local authority is taking into account the needs of the users. environmental issues and that it is working to reduce consumption of its energy-intensive facilities.

Avoid closing your public pool

Learning and practising swimming is essential for the citizens of a community, both in terms of sport and safety. Indeed, swimming skills save many lives.

Unfortunately, too many swimming pools are closing due to the rising cost of energy, especially in the current economic climate.

The Smart Pooling® system from Sunny Shark reduces the cost of running your public pool to help you keep your pool active for the benefit of the public.


Smart Pooling®, the active and anticipatory steering swimming pools

Smart Pooling® is an active and anticipatory management system that reduces energy consumption.

Smart Pooling® is up to 30% savings on the energy-related operating costs of the pool.

Smart Pooling® is THE solution for reducing energy consumption without major investment and work.