You are energy manager of a community? Reduce the consumption of your public swimming pools with Smart Pooling®.

Smart Pooling® is a major advance for managers of public pools, municipal pools and aquatic centres, as well as for their energy managers. It optimises energy costs by anticipation and the use of digital twins coupled with artificial intelligence. Smart Pooling® is the essential tool to take into account all the data and to enable reduce energy consumption and the rejection of greenhouse gases of a community with swimming pools.

Achieving energy savings by complying with the obligations of the tertiary sector decree

The Smart Pooling® concept emerged in 2011 from the observation that traditional pool water heating control was simplistic and inefficient, and unnecessarily costly due to a lack of optimisation. Public swimming pools devote a significant budget to their energy consumption to ensure their proper functioning. In addition to these constraints objectives of the tertiary decree which require the implementation of efficient solutions to reduce energy consumption. The Sunny Shark team is dedicated to the energy optimisation of swimming pools; discover his experience and skills.

Example: energy savings at the Vue Belle aquatic centre

Located in the Vue Belle area of Reunion Island, the aquatic centre was built in 2006. Like many sites, the Vue Belle facility faces significant operating costs. The three outdoor pools, of 1500 m3, 300 m3 and 70 m3The buildings are heated by an electric heat pump system. Energy is the second largest consumption item, representing 20% of the operating costs (approx. 60K€/year). In 2017, the Vue Belle public swimming pool and Sunny Shark worked together to implement a smart solution to reduce the energy bill without affecting the comfort of bathers.
Vue-Belle swimming pool

The obligations of the tertiary decree: a major challenge for an energy manager

The objectives of the tertiary decree require the implementation of effective solutions for reducing energy consumption. What is already complex for traditional tertiary buildings is a real challenge for public swimming pools because of the very important specificities of this type of equipment in terms of humidity management, air quality, etc.

The Sunny Shark team is entirely dedicated to optimising the energy consumption of public swimming pools and has a perfect understanding of the specificities of this type of equipment.

Smart Pooling®, the active and anticipatory steering swimming pools

Smart Pooling® is an active and anticipatory management system that reduces energy consumption.

Smart Pooling® is up to 30% savings on the energy-related operating costs of the pool.

Smart Pooling® is THE solution for reducing energy consumption without major investment and work.