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Many parameters come into play when it comes to optimising user comfort or lowering energy costs: it's not just a matter of lowering the water temperature! Fortunately, thanks to its active and anticipatory steering called Smart Pooling®, Sunny Shark offers you a innovative and automated solution to control various aspects of your community pool or aquatic centre.

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The Sunny Shark® dashboard

Smart Pooling® feeds on all the data collected by the sensors, equipment and, if applicable, the BMS of your pool to offer a complete dashboard which integrates both energy consumption and user comfort.

The dashboard displays the real time dataIt also shows their evolution over time. It proposes different indicators as well as the list of the latest alerts (which you can also receive by SMS).

Planning is at the heart of the system, with a advanced schedule management ponds and the setting of comfort conditions specific to each activity.

An improvement in your BMS

The Smart Pooling® concept analyses the data and informs the staff of any anomalies that impact on the overall operation.

The Smart Pooling® concept improves your BMS by making it communicable and understandable to all. It therefore makes it possible to target maintenance operations based on the alerts and data reported.

comfort station-sunny-shark

A scoring terminal to regulate comfort parameters

The Sunny Shark comfort terminal allows you to evaluate the comfort level of the pool as a whole.

Our solution aims to maintain, at all times, the essential balance between the health and comfort of users (airflow, temperature and humidity, water quality), the health of the building (controlled humidity, prevention of condensation) and energy consumption.

Thanks to the users' feedback, Smart Pooling® control allows the key parameters of the installation to be adjusted to meet all the constraints at the lowest possible energy cost.

These comfort bollards also show pool users that the community is taking into account the needs of its users. environmental issues and that it is working to reduce consumption of its energy-intensive facilities.

Example: energy savings at the Vue Belle aquatic centre

Located in the Vue Belle area of Reunion Island, the aquatic centre was built in 2006. Like many sites, the Vue Belle facility faces significant operating costs. The three outdoor pools, of 1500 m3, 300 m3 and 70 m3The buildings are heated by an electric heat pump system. Energy is the second largest consumption item, representing 20% of the operating costs (approx. 60K€/year). In 2017, the Vue Belle public swimming pool and Sunny Shark worked together to implement a smart solution to reduce the energy bill without affecting the comfort of bathers.
Vue-Belle swimming pool

Smart Pooling®, the active and anticipatory steering swimming pools

Smart Pooling® is an active and anticipatory management system that reduces energy consumption.

Smart Pooling® is up to 30% savings on the energy-related operating costs of the pool.

Smart Pooling® is THE solution for reducing energy consumption without major investment and work.