Collective swimming pool user your pool becomes
+ More economical and more comfortable with Sunny Shark!

Today, thanks to new technologies, it is possible to optimise the energy consumption of your public swimming pool or aquatic centre in a very precise way, while improving the level of comfort. This is what the innovative company Sunny Shark offers with its Smart Pooling® system. A better use of your local taxes, but also a better comfort when you go to the pool! Discover this technology below.

comfort station-sunny-shark

A comfort terminal to give your opinion in real time

The Sunny Shark comfort terminal allows you to share your feelings on the air and water temperature. This data is transmitted to the optimisation system and to the pool manager, to fine-tune the settings and improve your satisfaction!

This comfort terminal also makes it possible to inform you actions taken by your pool managers to reduce operating costs while protecting the environment.

Your pool expenses are better spent with Smart Pooling®.

The intelligent control of Smart Pooling® reduces energy consumption in several main areas: air treatment in the pool halls (sanitary renewal, dehumidification, heating), water treatment (filtration and heating), boiler room (heat pump, boiler, etc.) and the heating of beaches and other equipment.

In this way, the costs of the pool (to which you contribute through your taxes and the entrance fee) are optimised!

Reducing energy consumption

Reduction of greenhouse gases

In conjunction with the reduction in energy consumption, the reduction in greenhouse gas emissions is immediate when Smart Pooling® is implemented.

By reducing greenhouse gas emissions, your pool equipped with Smart Pooling® actively contributes to lowering its impact on global warming, for the benefit of the planet and future generations.

Smart Pooling®, the active and anticipatory steering swimming pools

Smart Pooling® is an active and anticipatory management system that reduces energy consumption.

Smart Pooling® is up to 30% savings on the energy-related operating costs of the pool.

Smart Pooling® is THE solution for reducing energy consumption without major investment and work.