Innovative public purchasing: a quicker way to access Smart Pooling®.

Innovative public purchasing aims to encourage innovation, improve the operational efficiency of public bodies and contribute to the development of innovative solutions to societal and environmental challenges.

In concrete terms, the Decree of 13 December 2021 on innovative purchasing and public procurement will perpetuate exemption from advertising and competitive tendering for innovative purchases under €100,000 excluding VAT (art. R. 2122-9-1 of the French Public Procurement Code).

This enables public bodies to acquire innovative goods, technologies or services while complying with public procurement rules and procedures. The aim of innovative public procurement is to stimulate the development of new and improved solutions, while meeting the specific needs of public bodies. It can also involve partnerships with private sector players, start-ups, universities or research centres to jointly develop innovative solutions tailored to the needs of public bodies.

To ensure that your public swimming pool quickly becomes intelligent and energy-efficient, install the Smart Pooling of Sunny Shark with an innovative public purchasing procedure. Find out more about the possibilities offered by Green Fundwhich helps to finance part of the investment.

Why use an innovative public purchasing procedure?

Innovative public procurement is an attractive strategy for local authorities wishing to adopt new and effective solutions such as Smart Pooling®. We have identified several reasons why a local authority should consider using innovative procurement:

  • A greater ease of ordering When your local authority makes an innovative purchase of less than €100,000 excluding VAT, it is not obliged to open a public procurement contract.
  • Faster savings Installing Smart Pooling® in a public swimming pool through an innovative purchase means you can benefit as quickly as possible from the effects of our solution: optimisation and savings while maintaining the comfort of bathers and preserving the built environment!
  • An improvement in quality of public services By stimulating the innovation of companies like Sunny Shark through innovative procurement, local authorities can also integrate cutting-edge technologies to provide a better public service in the long term.

Download the guide to innovative public procurement

The Ministry of the Economy offers resources for everything you need to know about innovative public procurement. Consult the legal texts and the practical guide.

What does this guide contain?

This practical guide highlights key success factors to encourage innovation in public procurement, such as procurement planning, project teamwork, compliance with an ethical framework, and partnership-based management of contract performance.

It also defines the scope of innovative public purchasingIt covers important aspects such as upstream preparation, sourcing, definition of requirements, tender selection criteria, procedural deadlines adapted to the innovative nature of the requirement, variants and intellectual property rights. It covers important aspects such as upstream preparation, sourcing, defining requirements, bid selection criteria, procedural deadlines adapted to the innovative nature of the requirement, variants and intellectual property rights.

Need advice? Contact our team to find out all about this device and how you can use it to set up Smart Pooling®.

Use the innovative public purchasing procedure to make your public swimming pool smarter, more economical and more respectful of the environment


Active Smart Pooling® control
Real-time modification of key plant parameters to meet all constraints at the lowest possible energy cost.

Classic settings
Over-consumption of energy for fear of damaging comfort or the building.

Smart Pooling® is an innovative solution designed to optimising energy consumption in public swimming pools while improving the comfort of bathers and respecting the building.

Thanks to specific sensors, a centralising box, a user interface and a connection with the site's BMS, this solution enables public swimming pools to achieve energy savings of up to 30 %, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and comply with the latest environmental regulations such as the European directive on the protection of the environment. tertiary decree and the BACS decree.

This intelligent system offers real-time dynamic controlThis enables key equipment parameters to be modified automatically to meet constraints, while minimising energy costs. It takes into account a variety of factors such as humidity levels, air temperature and other relevant parameters to ensure that comfort targets are met with minimum energy consumption.

Thanks to its predictive capacity in terms of heat demand, it optimises the use of heating equipment, resulting in significant financial savings.

Smart Pooling® offers a centralized operational monitoring via a single interface, simplifying monitoring and control of the entire system.

This solution combines hardware and software to provide intelligent control of energy consumption in public swimming pools, while improving user comfort without the need for major works.

Use innovative public purchasing to implement Smart Pooling® and reduce your pool's energy consumption

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